wifi.wavlink.com Login – Wavlink Login URL for Extender

Both, WiFi routers as well as, WiFi range extenders launched by Wavlink can be managed through the wifi.wavlink.com login URL. This means you need to visit this specific web address if you want to change the WiFi settings, administration settings, or update the firmware of the Wavlink networking device. With that said, the URL has a pivotal role to play in the range extender management. This page will walk you through all the important steps that you need to follow to use the range extender’s web address.

Before You Access Wavlink Login Address
Before any process comes the prerequisites. The process of accessing the web address of the Wavlink extender URL also demands you to arrange a few materials or information that we’ve given below:

  • Google Chrome or any other web browser but flaunting the latest update
  • An Ethernet cable for creating a stable connection between the router and Wavlink extender
  • A blazing-fast internet connection
  • The WiFi password of the Wavlink extender network
  • And, of course, your range extender no matter whether it is configured or not

How to Access wifi.wavlink.com Login Address?

You need to follow the steps mentioned below if you want to successfully access the Wavlink login URL for the range extender and manage your home network.

Step 1: Connect the Extender and Router

Firstly, turn off your WiFi devices (Wavlink extender and router) and create an Ethernet connection between them. To know about the ports to be connected, take the aid of the product’s manual. In case you have already connected your devices through an Ethernet cable, consider checking for the cuts on the cable. There must be no cut on the LAN cable.

Step 2: Connect Computer to Wavlink Network

Now, you are required to switch on your computer and open the WiFi Utility. You can do so through the Network and Internet Settings. Find the WiFi network name that belongs to your Wavlink extender and connect to it. The WiFi password of your extender is case-sensitive. There be watchful while entering it. The default one can be found in the manual.

Step 3: Visit wifi.wavlink.com

After connecting your computer to the Wavlink extender network, fire up an internet browser. Move to the address bar and type the wifi.wavlink.com login address. The URL must be entered correctly. Pressing the Enter key should be your next step. You will soon find yourself on the administration page of the Wavlink range extender.

The moment you reach the admin page, you can conclude that the process of accessing the Wavlink login URL has also been completed and you can log in to your extender to manage it. For this, input the password into the given field. If your extender is functioning on the default password, then use admin. Otherwise, use the customized one.

Can’t Access wifi.wavlink.com Login Address?

Although you will be able to access the login address and reach the admin window successfully using the steps provided in the above section, if you fail, check the login entry. You need to ensure that there are no typing mistakes in the login address entered by you. If there are, then re-enter the web address and retry. Apart from this, you are also supposed to input the Wavlink login address into the address bar of the web browser. To your knowledge, you cannot access any web or IP address through the search box.

Follow the tips given below in case your efforts of using the search bar and resolving the typing errors go down the drain:

  • Update the internet browser in use. You can access web browser settings for the same.
  • Hard refresh the browser by pressing the Ctrl + F5 key on the keyboard.
  • If the WiFi connection is not working for you, cable the computer to the extender.
  • The cable connecting your Wavlink extender and router must be damage-free.
  • Temporarily disable the antivirus program on the computer.
  • Be sure that your extender is getting a fluctuation-free power supply.
Wavlink login

To Your Knowledge

The aforementioned tips will suffice to help you access the wifi.wavlink.com login URL in a hassle-free way. But, there are still chances of failure. If that situation shows up, you are advised to use the IP address of your range extender. You can also opt to restore your WiFi range extender to its default settings. The only effort required from your end is the push of the Reset button located on the extender’s hardware. Once done, the extender’s installation needs to be completed again via the Wavlink login URL.

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