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Wavlink WiFi extenders connect with routers or modems to deliver enhanced internet speed. However, to get the boosted WiFi signals on your client devices, you are required to do Wavlink extender setup via wifi.wavlink.com. Read on to know how.

What’s Required to Set Up Extender?

Existing Gateway

Existing Gateway

To get success with the setup process, you must connect the extender to a host gateway i.e. router or modem.

Web Browser

Web Browser

The setup process via URL provides access to the web-based management panel. So, have access to a web browser.

LAN Cable

LAN Cable

It is the host gateway whose signals will get amplified by your extender. So, to connect them, you will need a LAN cable.

Default Extender Password

Default Extender Password

Logging in to the WiFi range extender’s will be possible only if you are aware of the default password i.e. admin.

Now that you’ve learned what’s necessary to set up a range extender by accessing the wifi.wavlink.com setup URL, the time to learn how to go about the process has come.

Facing Issues Doing Wavlink WiFi Extender Setup?

If you’ve just purchased the extender and are facing issues setting it up, we’re here to help you out. But, UNBOX your extender first, and connect it to a WALL SOCKET present near the main gateway. Let the lights on it get stable and follow the instructions highlighted below:

  • Set the MODE SELECTOR button to the AP position.
  • Grab a LAN cable and use it to join the Ethernet ports of your extender and the main router.
  • The next step is to load an internet browser.
  • So, switch on your computer and do the honors.
  • Make sure that your computer is connected to the extender’s WiFi i.e. WAVLINK-N.
  • Inside the URL field, input the wifi.wavlink.com setup URL.
  • As soon as the LOGIN WINDOW appears, type “admin” into the Password field.
  • Proceed by pressing Enter or clicking Login.
  • The extender login screen will appear.
  • Select the SSID of your HOST ROUTER or MODEM and enter the WiFi password.
  • Type the Extended Network Name i.e. the Repeater SSID.
  • Click Connect and wait for the WiFi LED on your extender to turn solid.
  • The connection is successful.
  • You can now RELOCATE YOUR EXTENDER to experience a faster internet connection in the dead zones of your house.

Quick Tip

A few extender models support the ap.setup URL. Thus, be sure about the same by referring to the user manual that came with your device at the time of purchase. Also, do not make the mistake of typing the URL like wifi wavlink com setup. It should be entered without spaces and separated by dots.

How to Setup Wavlink Extender in Repeater Mode?

When you install your range extender as a REPEATER, it COPIES AND REINFORCES THE SIGNALS emitted by the main gateway to extend the WiFi coverage. Walk through these steps and learn the process of doing Wavlink extender setup in Repeater mode.

  • Power on the extender and adjust the Mode Selector to Repeater.
  • The extender is supposed to be plugged into an electrical outlet near the WiFi router.
  • After that, visit or wifi.wavlink.com setup URL on a computer connected to your REPEATER’S WiFi NETWORK.
  • Log in to the extender using the default password.

Note: The default login password of your extender is admin [in lowercase]. Type it carefully due to its case-sensitive nature.

  • Select the NETWORK TO BE EXTENDED and set a new name for the extended one.
  • Verify the wireless settings and save them to complete the extender’s installation.

WPS Method for Repeater Mode Setup [Can Be Used as a Note]

If you wish to install your range extender in the REPEATER mode, then the WPS method can also help you out. All you must do is place the extender and router close to each other. After that, push their respective WPS buttons.

Wifi.wavlink.com Not Working?

Many users have reported facing issues accessing the login URL of their Wavlink devices. The most common mistake is the use of wrong URL. For example- wifi wavlink com setup or wifi.wavlink. In case you are amongst them, make amends by following the tips given below:

Verify the URL Entree
Verify the URL Entree
Use the Address Bar
Use the Address Bar
Check Ethernet Cable
Check Ethernet Cable
Clear Cache
Clear Cache

For the Router setup, connect the extender to the modem or DSL connection and access http://192.168.10.


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